Female Abdominal Muscles

Female abdominal muscles are different from those of males because of their size, shape, and the different hormones that influence each sex, which also impact the size and shape. Men need many more calories than women: 2000 calories per day are recommended on average for men, compared to 1500 calories for women.

Men will expend energy faster during physical activity, so they must try to maintain their daily calories around 2000 to maintain a steady weight. For women to control their weight, especially in the abdominal area, they should do some form of exercise, like yoga, and replace lost calories after workouts to maintain a steady weight.

Female abdominal muscles are generally smaller than men’s, but they are more flexible and it is easier for women to gain and store fat because of hormones like estrogen and the fact that women expend fewer calories during physical activity. Women must be careful about their food choices, and choose a balanced diet with the right amount of calories for their age, height and weight.

Female Abdominal MusclesFemale abdominal muscles are sensitive and it’s generally not recommended to do frequent, intense workouts in an attempt to build six-pack abs. Women need less protein in their diets, which can explain why men’s muscles can grow bigger than women’s. Female abdominal muscles can be strengthened and toned, but it’s very difficult to make them look as cut as men’s abs. The female abdomen is slimmer than men’s, so this shape must be taken into account. Above all, it’s important to create balance between the food eaten every day and the energy spent in workouts and other physical activity. To strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, women should ensure they are getting the right amount of net calories each day – not too many, and not too few.

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